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About Choosing a Private Investigator
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About Choosing a Private Investigator
About Choosing a Private Investigator

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The most common misconception is that private detectives can usually be found hiding in bushes or hanging out in nightclubs and all-night diners. Modern-day investigators do not reflect Bollywood movie such as Shahruhk Khan in Badhshah. Chances are that next time you are sitting in a restaurant enjoying a nice meal and good conversation, there is some type of investigator within “ears-reach” of you or observing someone close by. In order to remain inconspicuous, private detectives always dress accordingly and use props that enable them to blend in with their surroundings. A good detective will have the ability to quickly adapt to a specific environment, or engage an associate who may be better suited for the task.


An experienced private detective can provide a vast array of services. Especially in today’s “high-tech” society, many detective agencies specialize in providing computer-based research such as locating debtors (or “skip-tracing”); conducting pre-employment and pre-marital checks; identifying hidden and moved assets; and criminal background checks. Private investigators are routinely engaged in domestic cases; service of process and subpoenas; working undercover (such as in a corporate environment); and providing assistance in criminal defense cases including juror profiling and trial preparation. Although a resourceful investigator can provide services unknown and unlearned to the commoner, new technologies such as GPS allow not only a professional to conduct surveillance, but anyone with the means (and a little practice) can determine the whereabouts of any individual at any given time. Gone are the days of simply paying an informant for information and following subjects only by car or on foot.


Most private investigators are also seasoned in the art of surveillance. With today’s technology it is not only easy but expected that investigators secure video footage of numerous civil indiscretions. Parents wanting their minor children observed during prom night and other social occasions; suspected acts of infidelity; and allegations of an “unfit parent” during a custody battle are but a few instances where surveillance can be practical. Private investigators routinely conduct surveillance on insurance claimants to determine the validity of an injury, or to ensure that the applicant is not supplementing their income while drawing benefits. It is also customary for our members to video or photograph defendants who are alleged to be unstable during any attempt to serve process. Quality video or photographic evidence can make months or even years of legal work worthwhile to both you and your client. Depending on the type of practice, most trial attorneys will eventually need an investigator to conduct some sort of surveillance on an opposing party.

Choosing a Private Investigator - An Important Decision
A good investigator can sometimes be the difference between a prosperous and a dismal outcome. Ask any successful trial attorney and more often than not, they will unofficially praise the work of their investigator. If you're a consumer and need an investigator, to whom do you turn for advice on who to hire?

"Can I See Your Credentials...?" First and foremost, it is important to understand that private investigators are not currently licensed in India. In light of this, we recommend that any investigator you consider should be a member of an accredited association that screens its membership for background, training and qualifications. In India, the premier organization in this regard is the Association of Private Investigator & Detectives-(APDI). Founded in 2004, the APDI was formed to improve the credibility of Private Investigators and to provide guidelines for a licensing statute should one be drafted. They focus on the continuous education of investigators while providing a framework for their ethical conduct. When the public needs a P.I., they can rely on the competent members of this organization who have all passed a thorough background check. APDI members believe in high standards of conduct and also in a constant upgrading of skills and knowledge through training.

Costs and Fees
The costs for an investigator will vary greatly depending on the types of services desired. Rates for surveillance and special investigative work will generally be greater than that for surveillance or conducting investigation. Costs for conducting research will fluctuate depending on the type and number of databases that are accessed, the cost of informants, and the speed at which the information is needed. As we all know, most clients want the information "yesterday" which causes the agency to prioritize its list of jobs in order to accommodate their most demanding clients.

The main reason surveillance and investigative work may be more expensive lies with one word - manpower. When an individual investigator is "in the field," he is considered immobile; that is, he is unable to engage in any other activity other than the task at hand. On the other hand, an investigator who is conducting investigation may be able to complete several jobs at one location or even while in limbo, such as waiting to testify. Moreover, a detective who possesses a specialized service or has completed expert training may command a higher rate. This is sometimes necessary to cover infrequent and costly expenses such as special insurance, use of rare and sophisticated equipment and even providing expert testimony. Just as your client has come to you seeking professional advice, do not be disgruntled if an investigator informs you that a certain service will be at a premium, especially if his credentials justify it.

Finding the right private detective can be an exhaustive and frustrating task, which sometimes leaves attorneys and other clients discontented. Due to the fact that quality investigators are rare, you may find yourself searching far and wide for a reliable company. But finding the right investigator has an intangible value to the case you're faced with.

About Choosing a Private Investigator
About Choosing a Private Investigator