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  Honey Traps
If you have any doubts about your partner’s fidelity, or you are just intending to take the next step in a relationship and you need to know if your partner would be unfaithful to you, then a carefully arranged honey trap by one of our private investigators can answer all your questions.

We are able to arrange for an attractive person to approach your partner and start a conversation with them. The person would be an experienced agent wired with a body camera and a microphone, and the situation may be in a hotel, bar, restaurant, place of work, or simply in the street. The honey trap agent would continue a conversation with your partner and eventually attempt to either obtain your partners number, or possibly make a date with your partner.

Honey Traps - What next?
If the honey trap agent is successful in obtaining a mobile number, they will proceed to text your partner at a later opportunity and attempt to flirt and make a date if it was not possible on the initial meeting.

All audio recordings, video or photos, and copies of text messages will be passed on to you as evidence of your partner’s reaction to the honey trap’s advance.

It is often the case that your partner will reject the attempt and hence your concerns about their fidelity laid to rest. If the reaction is positive and a date was made, the honey trap agent will turn up to that date and record the events. This is to ensure that if your partner agrees to a date, you will know if his/her intentions were to go to that date or not.

Whatever your reason is for taking this honey trap route we have the experience to find the answers and the truth.

Unlike some other companies who just specialize in Honey traps, our staff are fully trained Private Investigators in their own right and hence are able to approach the situation responsibly and with experience. We have a good selection of private investigators of all ages, all descriptions and with different backgrounds and education. Each one is equipped with video and visual recording devices and trained in all aspects of the job.

How far will the honey trap go?
The honey trap is designed to be set up how you would like it to go. We are happy to take instructions from you on where to set up the meeting, what type of person would be more effective for your partner, how you would like the person dressed, and lastly how far you would want the honey trap to go. All of this can be custom designed to your requirements; the only limit we set is that the honey trap will never actually reach the bedroom.
Reporting and evidence
If requested and agreed, we will provide you with a video of the meeting, a sound recording of the meeting and the conversation, copies of any text messages sent or received a written report and details of any other information obtainable.
If you wish to elect for a second meeting (example your partner agrees to a date with the honey trap) we can repeat the process with photography, and if required and for an extra fee we can arrange for you to have a confrontation with your partner at the scene of the meeting.

if you do not find the exact service you require please send an enquiry request through our contact page, listing your needs and we will endeavour to assist you with your request. Alternatively contact our office today via phone nos.

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