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Surveillance Services

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Surveillance services are often one of the best options when you need to determine exactly what a person's activities are. Surveillance can be carried out over short periods (a few hours) or over longer periods (several days or even weeks) depending on circumstances. Watching and following someone discreetly without them being aware is a highly skilled operation and is therefore carried out using specially trained private investigation personnel with police and armed services backgrounds.a
When are surveillance services useful?
Surveillance can be very useful in a wide variety of circumstances; the following are some common reasons to carry out surveillance.
  • Confirming a persons activities or contacts
  • Locating a person’s place of work or his home address
  • Investigation benefit fraud
  • Investigating a persons lifestyle
  • Investigating drug or alcohol use or abuse
  • Partner surveillance
A professional surveillance service
Using the most advanced technology, and some of the best surveillance equipment available, our private investigators are able to carry out effective surveillance from either moving vehicles, on foot surveillance, and covert close proximity surveillance in buildings or bars / clubs etc (using hidden cameras).
We are able to initiate and complete the surveillance, gain the necessary information and photography and disappear without the subject ever being aware of our existence. This is of paramount importance in order to protect our identity and to maintain the security and position of our clients. A Private Investigator will generally discuss various surveillance options with our clients prior to carrying out an instruction, and suggest "the best way forward" based on our experience and knowledge.
Experience and surveillance equipment
Combined with our extensive experience, our surveillance specialists are highly trained in the latest covert surveillance systems. Our vast array of equipment includes long range digital cameras, miniature hidden body worn audio and digital recording units, special tracking devices, audio bugs, telephone monitoring equipment, image intensifier equipment (capable of seeing and recording discreetly in total darkness), and undetectable high definition digital and video cameras hidden inside everyday items such as wrist watches, pens, pagers, clocks, cigarette packs etc.

Our private investigators use body-worn close range miniature video systems and recorders to allow us to get the evidence you need, even in indoor or potentially problematic situations. We also utilize equipment such as powerful zoom lenses for both photographic and video evidence also combined with infra red sights or image intensifier adapters to allow us to document activity from great distances or under the cover of darkness.

Whatever your needs, we will provide you with the information you need and maintain regular contact to update you with the latest information throughout any continued period of surveillance.

Our nationwide network of private investigators is able to assist you with any surveillance requirement.

if you do not find the exact service you require please send an enquiry request through our contact page, listing your needs and we will endeavour to assist you with your request. Alternatively contact our office today via phone nos.

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