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Teenage Activities
Child Activity Checks

Teenager or Child Activity Checks

  Teen Activity Checks
  • Are you worried about your child?
  • Concerned about who they are hanging out with?
  • Wondering if they are in danger from their online activities?
  • Concerned about possible teen drug abuse?
  • Possible criminal activity?
  • Are you child placing themselves in serious physical danger?

Greves being contacted by several parents of very young teenagers that had skipped home and were partying hard at the event, some is being led by much older friends. It is possible to detect where these kids are and keep them under surveillance and so keep the parents informed

An unfortunate side affect of bringing up teenagers is their extreme need for independence and privacy. Whilst they may very well be doing the right thing, you have no way of knowing, and they will rarely tell you if they are struggling. It may be that they are the victim of bullying, peer pressure, failure at school, depression, or any number of things. Whatever the situation, knowledge can help you help them.

Unfortunately, teenagers are a unique species. They have languages and lifestyles all their own, and they think they know more than any generation that preceded them. Questioning them only seems to create more traumas.

We can conduct discreet covert surveillance to document whom they see and where they go, or we can supply you with surveillance equipment to conduct your own investigation.


It happens to almost every parent
You are not alone in your concern. Today, more than ever it is easier for a child to fall into a troubling situation. With the technology that is available to children they can now meet people miles and even countries away. They can "hide out" on networking sites and much more without you ever knowing. They can claim to be over 18 or over 21 and change their location just to avoid detection. They even have their own lingo so that adults have a hard time figuring the true meaning of messages and texts on cell phones. Drug use is as prevalent as ever and even more so. It seems to be a great way to make money, especially in an economic downturn.

A lot of drug sellers like to hook up with teenage drug runners that transport the goods to the buyer for them. The penalty for a juvenile is usually much more lenient than for an adult if they are caught. Plus the young runner can be paid quite well and usually, they are given free dope too. Just to keep them hooked and loyal.

Am I a bad parent if I feel that I need to check on my teenager?
The answer is a resounding no. You are not a bad parent. Peer pressure is the most difficult thing for a teen to refuse. The teenage years make a child think that their life is their "friends" and being accepted is paramount. We have seen children that attended church all of their lives, attend private religious schools and have parents that thought they were very strict still end up on drugs and deceiving their parents all along. We all believe that is can't happen to us because it is easier that way. You can be with our child 24/7. The pressures of life affect parents as well as the children. Financial concerns can create even more possibility of trouble. As parents, we all do the best that we can and it is our right to know what our children are up to. After all, we are responsible for their actions and in a lot of cases we can be help personally and financially responsible for their mistakes.

We understand...we are parents too
Having two grown children and one teen, I know what you are up against. Even though my kids knew that I was "up" on what they might be doing and we had the talks that good parents are supposed to have, my children still tried to get away with all they could, and for a while, they did. I have done these checks on my own children so I know how effective they can be. If we find a problem and help you address it, there may very well be anger and resentment at the time. However, in most cases, the child will thank you when they are older and understand. That is all we should care about.

Our children are more at risk now than ever. Contact us for information on how we can help you.. There are a lot of tools at your disposal for you to know if your child is heading for trouble. You are not alone.


Child out of control
It can happen to the best of parents. Our children get in with the wrong crowd or get their first taste of freedom and now it is long days and sleepless nights wondering what they are up to. You may have spent a lot of money to help them and now you wonder if they are doing as they promised. We can help, we can perform surveillance and follow your child to see what they are up to and get the evidence. We know that having a child isn't easy and we also know what it is to love and care for our kids. If you need to know, get in touch with us. You aren't alone.


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Teenage Activities
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